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Still Brighter French

— for Bright Young People (who now know more)

by Harry Thompson RUSSELL

Volume III in the classic Brighter French Series

'Still Brighter French' cover image - Emil van Hauth painting of Grit Hegesa, dancer /danceuse /Taenzerin

'The pill of tuition conveyed in the jam of entertainment,' was how the author described these classic language books, of whose Brighter French it was said:
'…that brilliant anonymous volume Brighter French reveals very clearly the idiomatic raciness of the French language and the essential humanity of those who speak it.'
—N. Scarlyn Wilson, in the Preface to Teach Yourself French (in its 36th impression 1980)

'…H-T-R- doesn't just want you to parrot French phrases, the essential of fluent speech is to think as the French do. …' —Elsevier SYSTEM Journal (2010), Robert Vanderplank, Director, Language Centre, Oxford University.

ISBN (pbk): 978-0-9561055-16;  r.r.p.: £14.99 / €16.99
330 pages ( A-format size, 110 x 178mm),
Illustrated with paintings of the period by Emil Van HAUTH (1899-1974): 20 illustrations (in colour & b+w).

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Still more amusing language learning, written in 1932, described as—'… a fresh arsenal of rapid-fire French expressions and idioms'—

1.  'Have you ever noticed that people give the name "debts of honour" to all debts contracted for dishonourable reasons?'
— Avez-vous remarqué qu'on appelle « dettes d'honneur » toutes les dettes contractées pour les raisons déshonorantes ?

2.  'I don't mean to say that you never see any married people there, only they're not married to one another.'
— Je ne veux pas dire qu'on n'y voit pas de gens mariés, mais ils ne sont pas mariés ensemble.

Les trois ouvrages ont le mérite de servir également à l'usage des francophones et des anglophones !
—Equally suitable for French or English speakers.


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